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Get up to €600 cash for a cancelled or delayed flight!

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Compensation for a Delayed Flight

What is delayed flight?

A flight is considered to be delayed when the actual time of departure is different than the scheduled departure time. However, according to the established case law of the European Court, a financial compensation is payable only for delays longer than 3 hours. This is a cash compensation solely for the inconvenience caused to the passengers by the airline. The calculation of the delay is done by evaluating the delay of the flight at its arrival at the final destination airport.

Does the compensation depend on the reason for the delay?

Yes. According to the established case law, for delays caused by bad weather, acts of terrorism and strikes the passengers are not eligible for compensation. Airlines often lie or deceive passengers about the real cause for the delay so that they don't pay compensations. However, we keep a database with flight information and weather conditions for the airports so that we can assess your claim before we bring it forward to the airline.

What compensation will I get if my flight was delayed?

The exact amount of your cash compensation depends on the length of the flight. The amounts are as follows:

Up to 1500km From 1500km to 3500km More than 3500km
€250 €400 €600