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Get up to €600 cash for a cancelled or delayed flight!

  • You don't pay anything unless we collect your compensation.
  • No-win-no-fee 25% + VAT commission
  • Qualified team of aviation lawyers

How do we collect your monetary compensation?

The process consists of 3 steps:

  1. Check at aeroisk.com if you are eligible for monetary compensation and upload the scanned (or photographed with your smartphone) documents
  2. We will contact the airline and if necessary will undertake further administrative or legal actions.
  3. After we get the payment from the airline we will transfer it to your bank account.

You do not pay for our services unless we win monetary compensation for you.

That means that we will hold our commission in the amount of 25%+VAT only if you get your monetary compensation.

After you make an account in our system you will see automatically generated power of attorney and the contract for each passenger, which you need to sign (no notarizations needed) and upload back to our system. You will have to upload a copy of your boarding pass or reservation. After we have all those documents, we will undertake out of court actions to collect your compensation.

If you want to track the development of your claim, you can log on at our system at any time, using your e-mail as username and the password you have chosen at the registration. We will also notify you for every change in the status of your claim by email.

The airline is supposed to give the response to the complaint within 8 weeks. Nevertheless, it is a bad business practice when an air carrier intentionally responds to a claim at the last moment or ignores it at all so the passenger will give up on their claim.

In case if an airline refuses or do not response to the complaint we will undertake administrative actions. If an airline denies compensation for a reason, we believe is ungrounded, Aeroisk will submit the claim to competent EU court and will cover all legal costs. This means you will not be asked to pay anything for the court procedure.

For more information, please click on the link for our General Terms and Conditions.