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Flight passenger rights in the European Union

Under the EU legislation every flight passenger, regardless of their nationality has the right to cash compensation for:

You are entitled to cash compensation of between €250 and €600, regardless the airline had offered you a substitute flight, free food and beverages or free hotel.

The right to cash compensation depends on different factors e.g. wether the airline could have prevented the cause of the problem and what were the circumstances around the problem. You are not entitled to compensation if there are strikes, bad weather or acts of terrorism.

In most cases airlines refuse payment without any legal grounds, hoping that the passengers will give up and will not look for their cash compensation for delayed and/or cancelled flight or denied boarding.

We, at Aeroisk, are familiar with these bad business practices and we use our legal background and priactice to collect what is owed to you. We are a team of European lawyers, who are allowed to practice on the territory of the European Union under Directive 77/249/EEC.

When do I have the right to compensation under Regulation 261/2004 for cancelled flight, delayed flight or denied boarding?

What does the amount of the compensation depend on?

The compensation amount for cancelled or delayed flight as well as for denied boarding depend on the length of the flight

Up to 1500km From 1500km to 3500km Above 3500km
€250 €400 €600

Refund of the ticket price for changing seat to upper/lower class

Often airlines sell more tickets than seats available on the airplane. In such cases passengers are offered substitute flight with departure time, close to the initial one. However, the seats might be in upper (e.g. business) class or in lower (economy) class. If the airline has offered you a seat in an upper class, it doesn't owe you a refund for moving you to upper class. However, if the airline has offered you a seat in a lower class, you are entitled to a partial refund of your ticket price as follows:

Up tp 1500km for all flights Above 1500km for all EU flights From 1500km to 3500km for all flights Above 3500km for all the rest flights
30 % of ticket price 50 % of ticket price 50 % of ticket price 75 % of ticket price