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Aeroisk is a company which professionally protects the air passenger rights. We are a team of competent lawyers and economists with extensive experience in aviation background, working in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, the city of Varna. Our mission is to protect your right for a monetary compensation in case of delayed, cancelled flight, missed connection or denied boarding arising from Regulation (EO) 261/2004.

Aeroisk Ltd
address: 9000 Varna, 9 Dragoman str., floor 2
tel.: +359 52 580 499
mobile: +359 877 638 801
viber: +359 877 638 801
whatsapp: +359 877 638 801
email: office@aeroisk.com

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Why Aeroisk?

Unlike most of our colleagues, we do not give up on claims, but we really file complaints in court, not limiting our work with only sending emails to the airlines. Our lawyers are currently conducting civil cases against different airlines in Sofia Regional Court, Varna District Court, Bourgas District Court, Plovdiv District Court and other respective courts (including the Sofia City Court).

Our lawyers are specialists in international aviation law, and the team that negotiates with the airlines know all the subtleties and details of working with each of them. We have an excellent reputation for state regulators in the European Union.

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