We receive a reward only when airline pays your compensation. In case of success, our commission is 24%, even if we have to work on your claim longer than usual or we go to the court (we take all risks as long as all legal and other fees).

According to the European legislation, the amount of the compensation is fixed and depends on the route length – € 250, € 400 and € 600.

Below you can see the detailed information about the amount of potential monetary compensation, the amount you will receive and about our reward.

Route length under 1500 km 1500 km - 3500 km over 3500 km *
Compensation due** €250 €400 €600
In case of success you get*** 371.60lv (€190) 594.57lv (€304) 891.86lv (€456)
If we succeed our commission is (VAT included) 117.35lv (€60) 187.76lv (€96) 281.64lv (€144)
If we do not succeed, our commission is 0 0 0
Our commission in case of reimbursement of additional expenses by the airline – tickets, food and drink, hotel, transport, etc. 24% of the amount paid by the airline

For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions.