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Compensation for a Cancelled Flight

Which flight is considered to be cancelled?

Airlines consider a flight to be cancelled, when it didn’t actually happen. If you want to receive a compensation, you must meet certain requirements. The most important one is to have a ticket or itinerary for the flight, which has been cancelled. The actual flight must be specifically mentioned in your reservation.

What kind of compensation can I receive, when my flight is cancelled?

The compensation depends on the length of the flight:

Up to 1500km From 1500km to 3500km More than 3500km
€250 €400 €600

The airline offered me another flight, but the seat was in a lower class (a downgrade)

If the airline has offered you a seat on an alternate flight but in a lower class, you are eligible to a partial refund of the ticket price, which you paid.

Up to 1500km for all flights More than 1500km for internal EU flights From 1500km to 3500km for all flights More than 3500km for all other flight
30 % of the ticket price 50 % of the ticket price 50 % of the ticket price 75 % of the ticket price

My flight was changed for an earlier time. Is this considered to be a cancelled flight?

If your flight departs much earlier than initially scheduled, this is also considered to be a cancelled flight. In such cases, you are eligible to receive a compensation for the cancelled flight.

The point of departure for my flight was changed to another airport in the same city (e.g. London Gatwick instead of London Luton). Can I be compensated for the expenses, for traveling between the two airports?

Yes. If there are a couple of airports in the same region, the expenses for the travel between the airports (in case of a changed point of departure) must be covered by the airline.

What happens if I decide not to board the flight?

If you decide not to board of the plane, you will be bound by the General terms and conditions for carriage of the specific airline. In some cases, these conditions allow the refund of the ticket price, with fees withheld for processing documents. Each airline has its own procedures, so every case must be considered individually. Nevertheless, it must be checked if you are eligible to receive compensation.

To claim a compensation for a cancelled flight with Aeroisk, just enter your flight number and date in the field on top of this page. If you don’t know your flight number, you can select your flight route manually (airport of departure and airport of arrival, name of the airline and date of the flight).

By doing so, you can instantly find out the amount of compensation you are eligible to receive for a cancelled flight. After our website finds out automatically if you are eligible to receive compensation for a cancelled flight and what the specific amount will be, we will make a registration for you in our system and you will be redirected to your Claim dashboard.

At any point after that you will be able to log into our system and upload a signed power of attorney (no notary authentication needed) and we will handle your case. We will contact the airline on your behalf and will negotiate the payment. If the airline doesn't pay out of court, we can submit your claim to the respected court, without any extra charges for you. All legal fees (lawyer fee and court fees) will be covered by Aeroisk. Upon a successful payment by the airline, we will transfer the compensation to your bank account, withholding only our commission of 25%+VAT for our work (for details please check our General Terms and Conditions).